Tuesday, November 14, 2023

June 2023

 Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

June 10, 2023  7 PM

Arbor Garden, Eagle Heights Garden

7:00 Present:  Ric, Lily, Ron, Ann, Rhonda, Alan, Jolene, Niels and Karen.

Minutes  Motion by Ron and seconded by Lily to approve the May 2023 minutes. The minutes were approved. 

Registrar Update

The gardens are full but some plots are changing hands.  There are 16 on the waiting list.  

Please use the maintenance reporting form for problems in the garden.  

A discussion about buying parasitic wasps for Mexican bean beetles ensued.

Motion by Ann and seconded by Karen to purchase wasp larvae to control bean beetle.  

The motion was approved.

The wasps will not be ordered until the first wasps are seen in the gardens. The wasps only feed on Mexican bean beetle larvae.

There is a new rain garden in part of old plot 115, which looks wonderful.

The old wood chips are full of dirt and jumping worms.  It would be great to start with new wood chips.  Lily will talk to Kevin in UW Housing.

The leaf pile needs to be gone by July.  Purple cow has a $685 tipping fee, which makes it too expensive for us.  We should encourage gardeners to use leaves.  Lily will talk to Rhonda about the leaves.  

The weed juries will be starting.  We only have enough volunteers to have one jury per month.

GOC Meeting

The access point at the west side of the Eagle Heights shed was discussed.  There was also discussion about FH King sharing the cost of the water system maintenance with us like they did in the past.


There is a $1400 cost in our spending which is unidentified.  Lily will ask what it is for at the next GOC meeting.

Lily proposed that we stitch the garden budget to the UW fiscal year so we may more easily balance our accounts.

Motion by Ann and seconded by Ron to switch our budget to the UW fiscal year.

Motion approved.

Lily will also be bringing the new fees to the next GOC meeting.

The UW Foundation account has a considerable balance which can be used for operations, large projects and staffing.  We must get approval to spend the funds from some of the members of the GOC. Discussion ensued.  Plumbing replacement projects would qualify.  We should also put information about the account on our website.

Garden Worker Report

Ian reports that there have been no major plumbing problems.  Ian is the only active garden worker at present. Nicole should be starting soon. Ian has been trying to hold more workdays and weed whacking.  The tool handles need to be painted.  Ian will be doing this job.  Cart repair is still on the list.  Ric and Karen volunteered to help Ian with cart repair.  Ric can make new handles out of conduit.  

We should check with the UW Plumbers about the main backflow valve installation. 

There was discussion about producing a map to show exactly where mowing and maintenance should be done at the gardens.  We all agreed it was a good idea.  

UW Hose Reels and Leaf Mulch

There was a request that all water stations have hose reels at University Houses.  Lily will check on where we purchased them.  Is it possible to get leaf mulch to the back pile at University Houses?  The truck can only deliver to the back when the weather is dry.  Otherwise the truck gets stuck.  Lily will ask UW Housing about delivering leaf mulch to the back.  

Third Garden Worker

Jolene tried to hire the third garden worker with no success.  Megan will be taking a leave of absence for a year.  Lily will put a notice in the next email about the open garden worker position. 

Jolene suggested that workdays be set for the whole summer, one weekend and one week night. 

Compost Sale

Is it possible to have a Compost sale this year?  Lily will check the budget and report back to the Committee.

In Person Meeting for July 12

We will meet at University Houses  garden at 7pm on July 12.  The rain location will be Room 139 in the Community Center.  

Motion to adjourn by Niels and seconded by Ric

Adjourned about 8.

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee   

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