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2020 Minutes



Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

November 11, 2020 7 PM

Remote Meeting

7:00 Present: Ric, Ann, Barb L, Jolene, Megan, Karen, Barb A, Jolene, Tom, ggw700, Niels, Lily, Andy and Kathryn.

Lily started the meeting.

Minutes  Motion by Kathryn and seconded by Ann to approve the September 2020 minutes. The minutes were approved. 

Registrar Update

Kathryn said she has not much to report as the season is ending.  For the 2021 application and rule changes she proposes a line for returning gardeners only which asks if a workday was paid for or completed in 2020.  If the answer is yes , then they do not owe for 2021.

There was discussion about the unusual plot uses this year including ponds and lots of paved areas.  It was agreed to state in the rules that the gardens are for gardening.  Plot uses out of the ordinary are subject to review.  There was general agreement to this change.  

One political sign was placed in the garden.  Discussion ensued concerning free speech and UW policy.  The UW website states that UW buildings and grounds cannot be used for political purposes.  Dorms and residences are exempt.  The policy states that signs are allowed inside where a person lives.  

Garden Worker Report 

Andy said that some of the water leaks have been fixed but there is a larger leak that needs to be fixed next spring near the Eagle Heights weedpile.  Megan reported that the sheds have been packed up for the winter and a tool inventory taken.  The hose reels are inside at University Houses and they will be repaired in the spring. There are probably a few items that need to be put inside yet because people were still working due to the warm weather.  Megan will finish the shed cleanup next week.  Megan noted that Andy had been working on repairing tools.

There is a broken tractor in the University Houses shed that we no longer need.  Jolene thought perhaps Will has contacted SWAP already.  The Garden Workers will follow up on getting rid of the tractor.  Karen said that she was impressed how well organized and clean the sheds were and thanked the Garden Workers for their excellent work.

New Tools and Supplies

Jolene said there were no outstanding purchase requests from the gardens.  Discussion ensued about the tool inventory (attached at the end of the minutes).  During the recent boundary marker check made by Gretel and Will Z, they brought tools in the field to the shed.  The conclusion reached was we need to buy digging shovels and forks.  The Garden Workers also need a reciprocating saw and drill.  They want tools that are compatible with the battery packs used by the weed wackers.  Other requests are two push brooms and $50 for small needed supplies.

Motion by Karen and seconded by Barb L to buy two dozen digging shovels, two dozen digging forks, a reciprocating saw, a drill, two push brooms and $50 worth of miscellaneous supplies.  Motion passed.

Sculpture Installation

Barb A met with Ian Chandler, a MFA student about placing three sculptures made of natural materials in the common areas of the gardens.  Discussion ensued about a general policy for such a request.  Barb A said she would work on a draft for such a policy.  Jolene said that if the Gardens had such a policy and review process, we could share it with the wider UW community.  

Motion by Kathryn and seconded by Niels to approve the installation of three pieces in the common areas of the gardens.

Motion passed.

Wall by 730 and 900’s

The jersey barriers near the entrance need to be placed along the 730 path to shore up the wall along the 730 path.  Presently the wall is made of boards and metal stakes and is in disrepair. Heavy equipment is necessary to move them.  Discussion ensued about whether these concrete barriers are a good fit for the garden.  What is the big picture? The consensus was that we ask Rhonda to come to the December meeting and start work on a Master Plan for the garden that can drive our decisions in the future.  Tom said that FH King would be interested too as it is on the border.  Kathryn said we will share our ideas with them.  

The wall needs to be continued along the 900’s, which is what the block by the weed pile is for.

Due to Covid, it was not built this year.  Rhonda, Will and Kathryn visited the site and Rhoda thinks this wall is a good idea.


Fence Policy

The present fence policy states that fences must be 6” from the plot boundaries so an aisle can be maintained between plots.  Enforcement of the policy is complaint driven.  Discussion ensued.  It was decided that the present policy will not be changed.  There are more and more fences in response to the large population of turkeys.


After discussion it was agreed to take the turkey problem to the Garden Oversight Committee (GOC) as the large turkey population is larger than the gardens.

Future Topics

Future topics include the waterline replacement and the Master Plan.

Motion by Niels and seconded by Barb A

Adjourned byLily

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee   

2020 Tool Inventory  (approximate because people were still working)

Eagle Heights

Big Hoe                        20

Small hoe                       9    

Rakes                            11

Forks                               4 Not enough

Digging shovels              4  Not enough

Edging shovels         some

Gravel shovels                9

Broad forks                     4  none have dissapeared

Leaf rakes                      8

Hay fork                          4

Giant forks                      4

Big digger                      11

University Houses

Big Hoe                          16

Small hoe                         3

Rakes                               6

Forks                                4

Digging shovels                4

Cultivators                         3

Broad forks                        2

Broken tools that can be fixed

Some but not enough shovels and forks.

Want List

Digging shovels

Digging forks

Push brooms for each shed

Reciprocating saw and drill that fit the battery packs for the weed whips


Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

September 9, 2020 7 PM

Remote Meeting

7:00 Present: Ric, Ann, Barb L, Jessica, Megan, Karen, Barb A, Jolene, Waller, Lily, Andy and Kathryn.

Minutes  Motion by Barb L and seconded by Ric to approve the August 2020 minutes. The minutes were approved. 

Registrar Update

Kathryn said Lily Hammel is the only co-chair applicant that has sent in their information, therefore she recommends we vote on her application.  All agreed that Lily should be co-chair with Karen abstaining. 

Kathryn says the August garden juries are done with their inspections.  Overall there seem to be fewer bad plots. Otherwise there is not a lot happening.

Next week Kathryn will send out letters to solicit seeds for the Seed Fair.

The Pear Tree Common Area renovation is progressing.  Sharon and Rick have added leaf mulch and woodchips. Barb A gave some extra plants from the Arbor Garden and other plants were ordered from Prairie Nursery.  A green plastic turtle sandbox with a lid was donated and will be installed next year.  A volunteer made 3 Leopold benches, two of which will go in the pear plot.  The benches will need to be tied down.  The sick pear tree is quite dead and will be replaced next spring with a bare root tree.  

Seed Fair and Garden Jury Volunteer Selection

Kathryn reported that she made a mistake this year in assigning volunteers for weed juries, and has come to realize that the current

 system is unfair. 

Next year perhaps there should be a general announcement, we should take names for two weeks and then take names out of the hat for these jobs.  The situation with the Seed Fair is similar - it is too easy to let the same people do the job every year. Some

 people have to work it - Karen (the coordinator), Ann (Computer help) and Barb L (Treasurer), but otherwise it needs to be opened up to more people.  One suggestion was that if a person who had worked the Fair the previous year volunteered again, they would

 not get workday credit the second year. There was general agreement to these changes.

Registrar Retirement in the Spring of 2021

Kathryn announced she will be retiring in the spring of 2021.  She will give 2 months of official notice and expects to train her replacement.  Jolene thinks replacement training will be possible.  

Garden Worker Report 

The committee welcomed Andy Hanson as the new garden worker.  Megan reported that she ordered new hoses for University Houses.  This is a leak in the main water line faucet by the Arbor Garden and one in the 1200’s.  These will be looked at after it stops raining.   If there are holes dug for water repair, we must put a fence around them.  

The steps at 733, 735 and 737 are unstable and need to be repaired.  Andy and Megan will work on the steps. 

There are also problems with holes left in the gardens by worm diggers. A sign in several different languages saying no digging in the garden unless you are in your own plot was suggested. 

Motion by Karen and seconded by Barb L for $100 for a sign that states it is illegal to dig except in your own plot.  Approved.  Jolene said UW Housing has a sign shop.

The boulders at the leaf pile at University Houses still need to be moved.  Megan will contact Kris Ackerbauer.

Zoom Meeting Licence

There was discussion about getting our own Zoom Meeting Licence. Jessica said she will send out a link from UW for the meeting.


The turkey flock is large this year and can be a safety problem during mating season.  Discussion ensued.  Jolene said the turkeys were removed by DNR about 4 or 5 years ago.  Would the DNR consider a cull? As long as there is a garden, there will be turkeys.  Some coyotes would be good.  Some gardeners seem to be fencing their plots.


The Committee thanked Jolene for her work having UW Housing employees do weekly mowing and hiring Andy, the new garden worker.

Adjourned by Megan

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee  



Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

August 12, 2020 7 PM

Remote Meeting

7:00 Present: Sandra, Ric, Ann, Barb L, Jessica, Megan, Karen, Barb A, Tom, Marc, Lily, Mike, Alan and Kathryn.

Minutes  Motion by Barb A and seconded by Barb L to approve the July 2020 minutes. The minutes were approved. 

Registrar Update

Kathryn says the July garden juries are done with their inspections.  There are some bad plots.  There are a few new gardeners taking plots. 

There parasitic wasps that feed on Mexican bean beetles were released.  The only company to provide them has bad communication with the customers. 

Two gardeners have contacted Kathryn about the vacant co-chair position.

Garden Worker Report 

Megan said she has been out of town recently but did fix a leak on the main path. She has been running a workday “Mower Monday” where gardeners run the weed wackers until the battery runs out.  She sanitizes the weed wackers before and after the session.  

The wasp problem near the shed and by the share shelf was discussed.  Someone said putting a paper bag over it works.  

UW is still doing mowing once every two weeks.  It was reported that nettles are over the path near 724.  Megan said she would check it out.  Megan asked us to inform her of garden problems.  

It was asked how the UW hose reel project was progressing.  It has been difficult because the good hoses are on backorder. Megan did get some spare parts and replace some clips.  Ric “The Roc” volunteered to help with the hose reel repair project. 

Kathryn reported that workgroups like the weedwacking comply with the covid safety guidelines and are allowed.  

Electric Fence Discussion

 A gardener set up a solar power electric fence around his corn in the middle of their plot. The fence produces a mild shock similar to static electricity. The gardener informed the neighbors.  The fence kept out racoons and deer, but not the redwing black birds. 

Discussion ensued.  One person asked if children or animals would be harmed.  There are many problems with pests this year.  What if someone put in a system with high voltage?

It was suggested that the gardener should submit an application to the Registrar before putting up a fence so we can control the amount of power in the fence system.

Discussion continued.  A voltmeter can be used to check the power of the fence.  A netting will be less power than a single wire.  

After much discussion it was decided to limit the voltage to a couple of D batteries, have an application process and require the fence to be three feet from the plot boundary on all sides.  

The discussion continued regarding the predator problems.  The turkey problem has been especially bad this year.  The DNR will remove the birds if they are a direct threat to human health.  Maybe we should ask the DNR what they recommend.  Mike said he will ask David Drake from the DNR.  The vole population is also high this year and they are enjoying beets in the gardens.  The population of vole is cyclical.  

Structures in the Plots

There was discussion about the structures being built in plots.  Kathryn said the people not returning should remove their structures.  

Renovation of the Pear Tree common area

A volunteer has agreed to renovate this area and requests the following: Materials for a Leopold bench $25 x 2 benches, sandbox replacement, pear tree replacement $30 to 1000, and Prairie Plants $179.  Discussion ensued.  Barb A said she has been in contact with the volunteer and will give extra plants from the Arbor Garden for the project.  

Motion by Barb A and seconded by Barb L to approve the money without the sandbox.  Motion passed with the understanding that the prices would probably be lower because of the free plants from the Arbor and the possibility of a bare root tree in the spring. 

Wood chips needed at University House

The boulders still need to be moved at the chip dumping point.  Megan will contact Kris Ackerbauer about getting the rocks moved.  

The Arbor should be taken down when the plants are dormant in the fall.  We do need shade in this area.

Adjourned by Megan

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee  




Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

July 8, 2020 7 PM

Remote Meeting

7:00 Present: Illana, Jolene, Niels, Ann, Barb L, Jessica, Megan, Ric, Karen, Gemma, Barb A, Will and Kathryn.

Minutes  Motion by Kathryn and seconded by Barb L to approve the June 2020 minutes. The minutes were approved. 

Registrar Update

Kathryn says the June garden juries are done with their inspections.  There are fewer bad plots this year.  A few gardeners are taking the year off due to Covid. 

Kathryn sprayed Spinosaid to kill potato beetles recently.  The sprayers don’t work.  We seem to have many things that don’t work in the shed.

The parasitic wasps that eat Mexican bean beetle larva should come next wednesday from Arbico.

Garden Worker Report 

Megan said she has been repairing wheelbarrows.  We have a spare set of handles that must be drilled out because they are not quite right.  She has also been repairing the University Houses hose reels.  Some parts are on order.  The 150 foot hoses we need are on backorder.  We now have hardwood chips at Eagle Heights.  

Kathryn said thanks to Gemma, Ann and Megan we now have leaves and chips.

Wall Project in the 700’s

Andy would like to help fix the wall in the 700’s.  Discussion ensued about using the concrete balustrades that are near the share shelf.  Will thought we would have to do this project in the fall when the garden beds near the wall are empty.  Will said he would talk to Kris about getting the use of the machinery to do it. The plan is to place the balustrades and backfill behind them with chips.  Will said there are several trees next to the wall that we need to talk to FH King about.  

Boulders at the leaf pile at University Houses

The rocks need to be moved to usee the improved leaf and chip pile at University Houses.  Will said he would speak to Kris or Gabe about having it done.

Weed Wackers

Ear protection for people using the weed wackers was discussed.  Single use ear plugs do not need to be sanitized.  We agreed that Jolene will check to see what we should buy.

Recruit for another Co-chair

Since Illana will be leaving , it is necessary to recruit another co-chair. Jessica expressed her support for a new co-chair.  The committee thanked Illana again for her service.  Illana said she would miss us.

Discussion about hiring another garden worker

Jolene said that the biweekly mowing help will cease on July 25th.  There was a question about why the back part of University Houses was not being mowed.  Megan asked Gemma to show her what needs to be mowed and she will do it.

Jolene said we will be able to hire without posting due to covid.  Discussion ensued.  We will pursue hiring another garden worker.

Garden Worker Manual

A draft interview with Will was shared on the discussion list.  This is a start for the Garden Worker Manual.

Water System Upgrade

There was discussion about buying the supplies to upgrade the water lines.  Since the redo of the 100’s line 7 years ago there have been no breaks or repairs.  The proposal is to purchase the pipes and faucets for an upgraded system, but not the plastic pipe that goes between the faucets.  The plastic pipe is hard to store and should be bought as we redo each line.  

Motion by Ann and seconded by Barb L to buy faucets and pipes for redoing all the water lines at a cost of about $4500 and not to exceed $6000.  Motion passed

The next waterline for an upgrade would be the 1000’s.

Everyone thanked Illana again and wished her well.


Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee   

Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

June 10, 2020 7 PM

Remote Meeting

7:00 Present: Illana, Jolene, Niels, Ann, Barb L, Alan, Andy, Jessica, Megan, Ric, Karen, Gemma, Barb A and Kathryn.

Minutes  Motion by Kathryn and seconded by Ann to approve the May 2020 minutes. The minutes were approved. 

Registrar Update

Kathryn said the gardens are full with 3 people on the waiting list.  Plots have been turning over to new gardeners.  The garden juries are starting and some gardeners do not appear to be starting their gardens.  

People are starting to make suggestions about what jobs need to be done around the gardens.  Kathryn has made a few assignments such as weeding the berry plantations.

More seeds will be put out on the share shelves like flowers, winter squash, melons and cucumbers. 

Garden Worker Report 

Megan said she has mostly been weed wacking the edges of the paths where the UW Housing people do not mow.  

Megan tried to use cans to make plot marker tabs, but they were too thin.  She will use aluminum sheet metal instead. 

There is a difficult to access leak at 1010 but it is not a major problem yet.  There are about 40  dead apple trees that have been marked with tape.  These need to be cut down. There was discussion about these trees being chipped by Housing and the chips brought to University Houses.

Jolene said that one mower was bought for use by the Housing people to mow our garden.  The new mower seems to be working well.  The other could be purchased.  

Illana reports she has not heard back from Will about the Garden Worker Manual.

Maintenance Project

Water lines- Since the 100’s water line was replaced, there have not been any problems with the lines.  There was discussion about redoing some more water lines in the garden, especially the more problematic ones.  The work crews could stay 6 feet apart for such a project.  Perhaps supplies should be bought soon.  Barb L will get in touch with Will.

Motion by Karen and seconded by Barb L to buy supplies for redoing another water line.  Motion passed

Retaining wall in the 700’s is failing.  Discussion ensued about the best way to fix the wall Megan will look at the wall and Niels offered to help.

Bean Beetle Wasps- Kathryn said that the only company supplying wasp mummies is the same company we bought from last time.  The cost is $385 for 80 mummies.  Barb A talked to the UW Entomologist P J Leach, who thought it would be a good idea to buy the mummies.  

Moved by Karen and seconded by Barb A to buy the mummies when we have bean beetle larva present.  Motion passed.

Co-Chair Resignation

Ilana said that the next meeting will be her last because she is moving to Ithaca to go to graduate school in Landscape Architecture.  The committee thanks her for her service.

Alan said that mowing, wood chips and leaves are needed at University Houses.  There was discussion of the condition of the road to the leaf and chip piles.   Gemma said she will ask Shorewood if they will make a delivery of leaves to University Houses.  

Megan was thanked for a good job weed wacking at the gardens. 


Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee   

Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

May 13, 2020 7 PM

Remote Meeting

7:00 Present: Illana, Jolene, Niels, Ann, Barb L, Sandra, Jessica, Megan, Ric, Karen, Gemma, Barb A and Kathryn.

Motion by Kathryn and seconded by Ric to approve the March 2020 minutes. The minutes were approved.

Registrar Update

Kathryn said the gardens are full with 7 people on the waiting list. Rhonda will be preparing a new, up to date map of the gardens. People have been asking about a compost sale. How would it be possible?

Sandra and Kathryn did an orientation video. The link will be sent to the committee and we can review it.

Garden Worker Report

Megan said she had nothing to report as she has just gotten back to work. She says she does not know how to fix plumbing, but wants to learn. Will fixed one problem in the 700’s line and the water was on for a while, but it is off again due to another leak.

Jolene said she has not taken any action with the UW Housing doing mowing.

The hoses at University Houses are in bad shape and need to be replaced. There are 15 water stations and she proposes we replace half the hoses this year and half next.

Motion by Karen and seconded by Barb L to replace 7 hoses with high quality hoses up to $700. (estimated to be $60 X 7= $420.) Motion approved.
Some of the hose reels also need repair. Ric and Megan are volunteering to work on this project. There was also discussion that the T poles work well for hoses too. The hose reels kink the hose at the attachment point. There was agreement that the hoses should be drained and stored inside in the winter.

Essential work for garden workers

Plumbing repairs


Half plot markers

Cart repair

Megan proposed she cut soda cans and fold in the sharp edges, emboss letters on them and attach them with sheet metal screws.

It was agreed that there will be no work crews with large groups of people this year.

Will wants to build a retaining wall in the 900’s.

Other potential projects include rechipping paths, removing thistles and cutting down dead trees.

The trees could be cut down with a hand saw. Jolene said that the trees could be chipped upon request by Housing.

The blackberry at the University Houses weed pile needs to be pruned. Gemma volunteered to lead a work crew to do it.

Discussion ensued about creating a list of jobs to be done around the garden for workday credit. Kathryn will coordinate the list.

As was agreed last year, there should be only 2 small picnic tables under the arbor. Niels said he would move the extras to across the road.

The garden shed needs to be cleaned.

Kathryn said we might need to think about changing the requirement of payment for workdays when we do not have a lot of workday opportunities.

Discussion ensued about a google document to list workday opportunities. Illana said she would create a read only list. Jolene said gardeners could tell us what they thought needed to be done and Kathryn would approve the jobs.

Cleaning abandoned plots will be available

Barb A asked when the Arbor would come down. It would be better for the plants if it came down in the fall. Jolene said she doesn’t know when it will happen due to Covid.

The water lines could be redone at Eagle Heights one at a time.

Will’s expertise is needed to redo the waterlines.

Jolene asked about the progress on the garden worker manual. Illana reported that Will would send it, but it has not happened yet. Discussion ensued. The idea to interview Will and produce a manual from the oral interview was again proposed and supported.

The 100’s line is new and we don’t have as many problems with it. Jolene said that a project as big as redoing a whole water line would have to go out for bid if done by the University. The foundation account can be used for improvements and emergencies. We must get approval to spend the money from the GOC. After discussion, it was agreed that the regular account should be used.

Megan expressed interest in being part of redoing the water lines. Ilana said she would contact Will about the Garden Worker manual again.

Jolene said the committee is responsible for holding the Garden Workers accountable. If someone is not doing their job, probably they shoud not have their job anymore.

There should be a requirement that the Garden Workers reply to each others emails, attend monthly meetings and reply to emails.

There was agreement to do a check in meeting in 2 weeks, May 27 from 7-8pm.

Adjourned 8:12

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee

Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

March 11, 2020 7 PM

Eagle Heights Community Center

7:00 Present: Illana, Jolene, Will (a new gardener), Megan, Ric, Karen, Alan, Barb A and Kathryn.

Motion by Kathryn and seconded by Barb A to approve the February 2020 minutes. The minutes were approved.

Registrar Update
Seed Fair Cancelled

The Chancellor has cancelled all gatherings of larger than 50 people, so the Seed Fair is cancelled. We have a lot of seeds and we need to get the seeds to the gardeners. Discussion ensued. We have 571 plots. A small group of people could make bags of 15 seed packets with cool weather type seeds like peas, greens, lettuce, radishes, etc and probably beans because they can be planted earlier than the true summer seeds. Things like squash, cucumbers and melons will be given out later at the garden. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant will be put on the share shelf so those gardeners who start their own plants can do so. Flowers will also be put on the share shelf.

Seed packets will be ready by March 28, the old Seed Fair date and will be given out at both Eagle Heights and University Houses gardens. Row cover will be sold at both plant sales. Garden orientations will be limited to 30 people each to stay under the fifty people limit of the chancellor.

Cool weather plant sale April 26

Warm weather plant sale May 24

There have been 439 applications so far, with 375 of them being renewals. There are 132 plots still available.

Kathryn has tried to contact the Sweet Potato Project people but has had no answer so far.

Garden Worker Report

Garden worker Will reports by email that carts and tools will go out this weekend.

Illana said we were still in need of a garden worker manual. She will send an email to Will.

Updates on University Houses road, Lakeshore Preserve and the Arbor

Our invited guests have not been able to come, so some of these items will need to wait.

Kathryn reports that the gardener in University Houses plot B2 has agreed to move to the C row so the leaf pile can be expanded to include both A5, B1 and B2, which is good news. This would mean that there would probably be room for wood chips here also.

The Arbor has not yet been removed. The arbor rain garden is siphoning water off, which is useful. We need a better agreement about how much common area we want to garden. For example, the daylilies near the shed are not getting any care. We need to think about how much work we can actually get done. We need a shared vision about what we can actually get done without overextending volunteers and garden workers.

Kathryn suggested we have an Inventory of all Common Areas Sub-Committee and she agreed to be on it. There was general agreement that this was a good idea. Kathryn will send an email about this topic.


The water leaks still have not been fixed. Jolene has sent a work order to UW Plumbing. FH King would like the water on by April 16.

Motion to adjourn Karen/Barb A

Adjourned 7:45

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee 

Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

January 8, 2020 7 PM

Eagle Heights Community Center

7:00 Present: Jessica, Illana, Rhonda, Niels, Karen, Ann, Barb A, Barb L and Kathryn.

Minutes Motion by Kathryn and seconded by Barb A to approve the November 2019 minutes. The minutes were approved.

Registrar Update

There have been 140 applications so far, with 120 of them being renewals.

Shorewood continues to bring leaves, but the space at Eagle Heights is full. Will has been asked to talk to Shorewood about the problem. Perhaps those extra leaves could go to University Houses.

Also manure was delivered to the weedpile pad at Eagle Heights… Yeah!!

Scott at Gardens To Be will be providing plants for the plant sale.

Seed Fair will be March 28.

Garden Worker Report

No report.

Access Road to Universtiy Houses Garden

Discussion ensued about the difficulties of providing services to University Heights due to no access during wet weather. Rhonda said that the issue should be taken up at the GOC. There was discussion about expanding the leaf pile near B1 plot and perhaps expanding it to include B1.

It was agreed we would consider expanding the weedpile to include B1 and that we would pay for the access road to the present leaf pile near B1, which is all that is needed to service the garden. It would be possible to continue putting leaves at the further west leaf pile only when the ground is frozen.

Rhonda said that the access road will require a large stone base because water flows across the land between the leaf pile and the weedpile. She said perhaps UW Grounds will do the work like they did for the weedpile at Eagle Heights.


After consultation with UW Grounds, the recommendation is that the arbor needs to be taken down and rebuilt. The poles are in bad shape. The arbor was built by R. Gunderson.

Our choices seem to be:

Take it down

Rebuild the existing arbor

Build a new arbor at the same site

Discussion ensued. What are we doing with this area? Mowing has been a problem. Two picnic tables are enough. There are one or two grape vines left which struggle a little with mildew. Rhonda suggested we need a Master plan for the area. We agreed it was a good idea to have a Master Plan. Rhonda thinks she may have the orginal plans for the arbor. We should also take pictures of the arbor. Protecting the grapes and having temporary support for the vines was mentioned. We agreed to make a decision about taking down the arbor at the next meeting.

Plumbing Problems

There are large holes dug along the 900”s and 1300”s to expose the water pipe that were not able to be repaired before winter. Concern was expressed that a fence was needed along with the carts around the holes. Jolene suggested that Will fence the holes.

Other Items

There area along the road at Eagle Heights where MGE buried the power line belongs to the Preserve. Discussion ensued. The sumac and elderberries were good. What is the shared vision for the area? It seems like a good topic for the GOC.

Jolene will come to the next meeting to talk about hiring Garden Workers.

Adjourned 7:54

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee