Friday, May 12, 2023

April 2023

                                        Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes


April 12, 2023 7 PM

Remote Meeting

7:00 Present: Ian, Rin, Nichole, Lily, Niels, Ann, Ninja, Megan, Jolene, Barb A, Jessica and Karen.

Minutes  Motion by Ann and seconded by Barb A to approve the March 2023 minutes. The minutes were approved. 

Registrar Update

The gardens are all full now with a total of 565 plots.  The waiting list has 16 people on it and 2 plots have already been turned over to new gardeners.  A full refund is available to gardeners that give up their plots until May 1st.

Orientations have gone well with just a few people left needing orientations.  

The Preserve is creating a new Long Range plan that will include a Visitor Center. More information is available on their website here:

The Seed Fair went well with a steady stream of gardeners on Saturday. 

The Irrigation Sub-Committee now includes Megan, Lily, Ron, Niels, Jeff, Ric and Ian, 

Lily is getting ready to install the Eagle Heights gate combination lock.  She needs to coordinate with all the parties including the Madison Fire Department.

Garden Worker Report

Megan said the only things to report are that the tools and carts are out.  The water should be turned on probably by the last week of April.  Megan will show the new Garden Workers how to reinstall the hose reels at University Houses before the water goes on.  

Megan introduced the new Garden Worker Nichole.  She will be in Madison at the end of the high school year because she is a teacher. 

Another new Garden Worker is Ian who was also introduced. Ian worked at the Seed Fair already this year.

The first workday will probably be repainting the tools.

 The water is not potable.

Calendar for April

A sign is needed to inform gardeners that the water is non potable.

The Eagle Heights gate lock needs to be installed.

We decided that we will revisit the idea of a keypad in the future.

A volunteer subcommittee is needed to plan a September all garden party.

Corner markers and number posts need to be replaced at University Houses.

Tool painting needs to be done.

For May- It might be a good idea to start with a smaller water project like the 1300’s line.

New Garden Worker

Jolene said we are now able to offer a job to the third person as the bureaucratic mess has been solved.  Jolene will know on Friday if she will take the job.  

Adjourned about 7:20 pm.

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee