Tuesday, November 14, 2023

July 2023

 Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

July 12, 2023 7 PM

Remote Meeting

7:00 Present:  Ian, Ann, Barb A, Megan, Jolene, Sandra and Karen.

Minutes  Motion by Ann and seconded by Sandra to approve the June 2023 minutes. The minutes were approved. 

Registrar Update

The written report from Lily was read as she was on vacation.  The gardens are full but some plots are changing hands.  There are 9 people on the waiting list.  

Budget and Fees 

There was discussion about the budget and fee review.  The GOC had concerns that the rise in fees for students and residents is too high.  Since the chart with the information could not be shared electronically with all present, it was decided to put off any decision until the August meeting.  One question the committee had was what is the student / community member split at the gardens. 

Rain garden

It was suggested by Jim that we apply for a Dane County plant grant for more rain garden plants.  The application is due July 21st.

Motion by Ann and seconded by Barb A to have Jim or Doug apply for the Dane County plant grant on behalf of the Eagle Heights Garden.  Motion passed. 

Hose Reels

Southwest Reel, the company that made the hose reels is now out of business so a new supplier will need to be found.

Leaves at the University Houses back location

Apartment Facilities has concerns that delivering leaves to the back location is not sustainable because in wetter weather, the road is impassable and has become narrower over time.  

Proposed Soil Testing Project

A UW student and gardner has proposed a soil testing research project for community gardens in the Madison area and would like to include Eagle Heights.  They have already received their UW Preserve permit. They propose taking samples in the fall.  There was some concern about disruption of fall crops.  The researchers are happy to work with us to receive consent for each plot and exact area to be sampled. 

Motion by Megan and seconded by Barb Ato approve the soil testing research project.

Motion passed.

Proposed Herb Garden

There is a proposal to have a community herb garden.  There was some discussion about having a non plot location for this garden, perhaps by the new rain garden in the existing triangle.  

Garden Worker Report

Ian reports that many tasks have been caught up and Nichole is now here working. Ian has now been removing the trees in the paths. Ian would like to know how many people still need to do workdays? 

Committee members commented that the bright pink tool handles look great.  The University Houses tool handles still need to be painted.  

There was some discussion about replacing a waterline and putting a second waterline up the 300’s.  The faucets and risers have been assembled already for this project.  More new faucets may need to be purchased for repairs.  Ian will email the Plumbing sub-committee about replacing a water line.  


What is the policy about the use of electronic vole deterrents?

A garden has a neighbor with a beeping vole deterrent, which can be quite annoying.  The neighbor says she can turn it off when she is in the garden.  Are these deterrents effective? Sandra will contact UW Wildlife to ask their opinion about these devices.  The committee decided to discuss it at the next meeting.


Sandra, the webmaster, says there are more things we could do with the website.  She suggests we talk about it at a Fall meeting. She also suggested we have an active Facebook page for pretty pictures, gardening and cooking.  Multiple people should have access to the group and it should be under the Registrar’s email to retain access over time.  Facebook would not be used as the place for complaints or to report problems. There should be 3 to 5 administrators.

There have been some problems with the garden maintenance form being used for Housing problems.  Sandra will try to minimize these by changing the search terms so our website doesn’t appear so soon on a Google search.

Cart Repair

Ian will have a cart repair work group with Ric, Karen and other volunteers.in August.

Garden Worker Leave of Absence

Megan will take a leave of absence for a year.  She has been gone the last two months and is sorry she must leave.  The committee said goodbye for now and thanked her for her good work.

Still pending

Jolene suggested that workdays be set for the whole summer, one weekend and one week night. 

Is it possible to have a Compost sale this year?  Lily will check the budget and report back to the Committee.

In Person Meeting for August 9th

We will meet at University Houses  garden at 7pm on August 9th.  The rain location will be Room 139 in the Community Center.  

Motion to adjourn by Karen and seconded by Barb A

Adjourned about 7:43.

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee   

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