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2020 Minutes

Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

May 13, 2020 7 PM

Remote Meeting

7:00 Present: Illana, Jolene, Niels, Ann, Barb L, Sandra, Jessica, Megan, Ric, Karen, Gemma, Barb A and Kathryn.

Motion by Kathryn and seconded by Ric to approve the March 2020 minutes. The minutes were approved.

Registrar Update

Kathryn said the gardens are full with 7 people on the waiting list. Rhonda will be preparing a new, up to date map of the gardens. People have been asking about a compost sale. How would it be possible?

Sandra and Kathryn did an orientation video. The link will be sent to the committee and we can review it.

Garden Worker Report

Megan said she had nothing to report as she has just gotten back to work. She says she does not know how to fix plumbing, but wants to learn. Will fixed one problem in the 700’s line and the water was on for a while, but it is off again due to another leak.

Jolene said she has not taken any action with the UW Housing doing mowing.

The hoses at University Houses are in bad shape and need to be replaced. There are 15 water stations and she proposes we replace half the hoses this year and half next.

Motion by Karen and seconded by Barb L to replace 7 hoses with high quality hoses up to $700. (estimated to be $60 X 7= $420.) Motion approved.
Some of the hose reels also need repair. Ric and Megan are volunteering to work on this project. There was also discussion that the T poles work well for hoses too. The hose reels kink the hose at the attachment point. There was agreement that the hoses should be drained and stored inside in the winter.

Essential work for garden workers

Plumbing repairs


Half plot markers

Cart repair

Megan proposed she cut soda cans and fold in the sharp edges, emboss letters on them and attach them with sheet metal screws.

It was agreed that there will be no work crews with large groups of people this year.

Will wants to build a retaining wall in the 900’s.

Other potential projects include rechipping paths, removing thistles and cutting down dead trees.

The trees could be cut down with a hand saw. Jolene said that the trees could be chipped upon request by Housing.

The blackberry at the University Houses weed pile needs to be pruned. Gemma volunteered to lead a work crew to do it.

Discussion ensued about creating a list of jobs to be done around the garden for workday credit. Kathryn will coordinate the list.

As was agreed last year, there should be only 2 small picnic tables under the arbor. Niels said he would move the extras to across the road.

The garden shed needs to be cleaned.

Kathryn said we might need to think about changing the requirement of payment for workdays when we do not have a lot of workday opportunities.

Discussion ensued about a google document to list workday opportunities. Illana said she would create a read only list. Jolene said gardeners could tell us what they thought needed to be done and Kathryn would approve the jobs.

Cleaning abandoned plots will be available

Barb A asked when the Arbor would come down. It would be better for the plants if it came down in the fall. Jolene said she doesn’t know when it will happen due to Covid.

The water lines could be redone at Eagle Heights one at a time.

Will’s expertise is needed to redo the waterlines.

Jolene asked about the progress on the garden worker manual. Illana reported that Will would send it, but it has not happened yet. Discussion ensued. The idea to interview Will and produce a manual from the oral interview was again proposed and supported.

The 100’s line is new and we don’t have as many problems with it. Jolene said that a project as big as redoing a whole water line would have to go out for bid if done by the University. The foundation account can be used for improvements and emergencies. We must get approval to spend the money from the GOC. After discussion, it was agreed that the regular account should be used.

Megan expressed interest in being part of redoing the water lines. Ilana said she would contact Will about the Garden Worker manual again.

Jolene said the committee is responsible for holding the Garden Workers accountable. If someone is not doing their job, probably they shoud not have their job anymore.

There should be a requirement that the Garden Workers reply to each others emails, attend monthly meetings and reply to emails.

There was agreement to do a check in meeting in 2 weeks, May 27 from 7-8pm.

Adjourned 8:12

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee

Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

March 11, 2020 7 PM

Eagle Heights Community Center

7:00 Present: Illana, Jolene, Will (a new gardener), Megan, Ric, Karen, Alan, Barb A and Kathryn.

Motion by Kathryn and seconded by Barb A to approve the February 2020 minutes. The minutes were approved.

Registrar Update
Seed Fair Cancelled

The Chancellor has cancelled all gatherings of larger than 50 people, so the Seed Fair is cancelled. We have a lot of seeds and we need to get the seeds to the gardeners. Discussion ensued. We have 571 plots. A small group of people could make bags of 15 seed packets with cool weather type seeds like peas, greens, lettuce, radishes, etc and probably beans because they can be planted earlier than the true summer seeds. Things like squash, cucumbers and melons will be given out later at the garden. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant will be put on the share shelf so those gardeners who start their own plants can do so. Flowers will also be put on the share shelf.

Seed packets will be ready by March 28, the old Seed Fair date and will be given out at both Eagle Heights and University Houses gardens. Row cover will be sold at both plant sales. Garden orientations will be limited to 30 people each to stay under the fifty people limit of the chancellor.

Cool weather plant sale April 26

Warm weather plant sale May 24

There have been 439 applications so far, with 375 of them being renewals. There are 132 plots still available.

Kathryn has tried to contact the Sweet Potato Project people but has had no answer so far.

Garden Worker Report

Garden worker Will reports by email that carts and tools will go out this weekend.

Illana said we were still in need of a garden worker manual. She will send an email to Will.

Updates on University Houses road, Lakeshore Preserve and the Arbor

Our invited guests have not been able to come, so some of these items will need to wait.

Kathryn reports that the gardener in University Houses plot B2 has agreed to move to the C row so the leaf pile can be expanded to include both A5, B1 and B2, which is good news. This would mean that there would probably be room for wood chips here also.

The Arbor has not yet been removed. The arbor rain garden is siphoning water off, which is useful. We need a better agreement about how much common area we want to garden. For example, the daylilies near the shed are not getting any care. We need to think about how much work we can actually get done. We need a shared vision about what we can actually get done without overextending volunteers and garden workers.

Kathryn suggested we have an Inventory of all Common Areas Sub-Committee and she agreed to be on it. There was general agreement that this was a good idea. Kathryn will send an email about this topic.


The water leaks still have not been fixed. Jolene has sent a work order to UW Plumbing. FH King would like the water on by April 16.

Motion to adjourn Karen/Barb A

Adjourned 7:45

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee 

Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

January 8, 2020 7 PM

Eagle Heights Community Center

7:00 Present: Jessica, Illana, Rhonda, Niels, Karen, Ann, Barb A, Barb L and Kathryn.

Minutes Motion by Kathryn and seconded by Barb A to approve the November 2019 minutes. The minutes were approved.

Registrar Update

There have been 140 applications so far, with 120 of them being renewals.

Shorewood continues to bring leaves, but the space at Eagle Heights is full. Will has been asked to talk to Shorewood about the problem. Perhaps those extra leaves could go to University Houses.

Also manure was delivered to the weedpile pad at Eagle Heights… Yeah!!

Scott at Gardens To Be will be providing plants for the plant sale.

Seed Fair will be March 28.

Garden Worker Report

No report.

Access Road to Universtiy Houses Garden

Discussion ensued about the difficulties of providing services to University Heights due to no access during wet weather. Rhonda said that the issue should be taken up at the GOC. There was discussion about expanding the leaf pile near B1 plot and perhaps expanding it to include B1.

It was agreed we would consider expanding the weedpile to include B1 and that we would pay for the access road to the present leaf pile near B1, which is all that is needed to service the garden. It would be possible to continue putting leaves at the further west leaf pile only when the ground is frozen.

Rhonda said that the access road will require a large stone base because water flows across the land between the leaf pile and the weedpile. She said perhaps UW Grounds will do the work like they did for the weedpile at Eagle Heights.


After consultation with UW Grounds, the recommendation is that the arbor needs to be taken down and rebuilt. The poles are in bad shape. The arbor was built by R. Gunderson.

Our choices seem to be:

Take it down

Rebuild the existing arbor

Build a new arbor at the same site

Discussion ensued. What are we doing with this area? Mowing has been a problem. Two picnic tables are enough. There are one or two grape vines left which struggle a little with mildew. Rhonda suggested we need a Master plan for the area. We agreed it was a good idea to have a Master Plan. Rhonda thinks she may have the orginal plans for the arbor. We should also take pictures of the arbor. Protecting the grapes and having temporary support for the vines was mentioned. We agreed to make a decision about taking down the arbor at the next meeting.

Plumbing Problems

There are large holes dug along the 900”s and 1300”s to expose the water pipe that were not able to be repaired before winter. Concern was expressed that a fence was needed along with the carts around the holes. Jolene suggested that Will fence the holes.

Other Items

There area along the road at Eagle Heights where MGE buried the power line belongs to the Preserve. Discussion ensued. The sumac and elderberries were good. What is the shared vision for the area? It seems like a good topic for the GOC.

Jolene will come to the next meeting to talk about hiring Garden Workers.

Adjourned 7:54

Submitted by Karen, subject to correction by the Garden Committee

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